Out & about early this chilly autumn morning meant keeping company with the warm sunlight pushing its way into the kitchen through the north facing windows.  I love the northern sun in winter in Australia.


Having my coffee & toast, some of which (the toast) is shared with Hattie, our newest feliscatus, this is what I see sitting at the kitchen island bench … requirements of the household, kitchenware hanging from the large pot rack.  Indeed, we well use the kitchen area despite it still not being finished.  Yes, still. Ugh!  Motto: finished or not, we use & enjoy it.




Our delighful Hatticus Finch (Hattie) joined us in January this year.  Born on 9 November 2018, here’s a few shots of the little chocolate frog in her early days with us in January.  She’s the prettiest brown Burmese mostly seen on my Instagram page to date.  The brown tortie you see is darling Edith.



Usually, I’m listening to Public Radio AM 729 in the mornings.  That way I’m more or less up to date with the latest news cycle.  This week has been of more interest than usual as we, the public, the constituents, the voters, the good ‘ole down-home Aussies, must attend the numerous political autopsies conducted on the body of the national election of last Saturday.




And, yes, I’m on the hunt for some sturdy black ‘S’ hooks, preferably the same size & suitable for safely hanging an assortment of kitchen needfuls such as what’s hanging on this pot rack.  Right now I’m using an assortment of hooks of various shapes, sizes & strength.  I have surfed the net & there are various versions of black ‘S’ hooks around.  Just a matter of some discernment on my part …