“I am sure that they will make me die. They have the power and the will to do so. But that makes no difference. Let us prepare my case as if I could win it, and I will in effect have won, because I will leave behind me an unstained memory.”

–Louis XVI, to his defenders (lawyers) for his trial 




This image is an engraving called King Louis XVI Meets with De Malesherbes, by H. de la Charlevie.


This scene depicts Louis XVI (1754-93) consulting with his lawyer (Guillaume-Chrétien de Lamoignon de Malesherbes, 1721-94) in preparation for his defence.


* I spoke earlier about Louis & his three defence lawyers here and here.  Remember, these three men stepped forward to represent Louis, a man “suspended beneath the blade of the law”.  Yes, this was a capital case. Louis was facing the death penalty.